The Chicago Bears have a long and proud history, having been one of the original teams to join the National Football League in 1920. For over 100 years, the Bears have been one of the most successful teams in the NFL, winning nine championships since their inception and making numerous appearances in the Super Bowl. This article will provide a detailed look at the team’s season-by-season records and history, highlighting some of their greatest accomplishments along the way.
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Chicago Bears: Season-by-Season Records and History

The Chicago Bears have been a powerhouse of the National Football League (NFL) since their founding in 1920. With over 100 years of history, a storied rivalry with the Green Bay Packers, and some of the most iconic players to ever grace an NFL field, it’s no wonder why the Bears are one of the most popular teams in football. This article will cover the team’s season-by-season records, notable achievements, and significant moments in their storied history.

Early Years (1920-1949)
The Chicago Bears were founded as an independent professional football team by George Halas and Edward “Dutch” Sternaman in 1920. After joining the American Professional Football Association (now known as the NFL) in 1921, they won their first championship that year. By 1933, they had won four championships and established themselves as a powerhouse in the league. During this era, they boasted some of their greatest players of all time including Bronko Nagurski, Red Grange and Sid Luckman. The 1940s saw them reach even greater heights with four more championships under coach George Halas – making him one of only six coaches to win five or more championships during his time with a single team.

The Modern Era (1950-Present)
The 1950s saw the emergence of quarterback Bobby Layne who led them to three straight division titles from 1956-1958 but no championships. This decade also saw them become part of a historic rivalry with the Green Bay Packers that continues to this day as one of sports’ longest standing rivalries. The 1960s saw them win another championship under Vince Lombardi who led them to two consecutive NFL titles in 1963 and 1964 before leaving for Green Bay where he would go on to win five Super Bowls with the Packers. In 1985 Mike Ditka became head coach marking a new era for Chicago football as he led them to their first Super Bowl title since 1963 – cementing himself as one of their greatest coaches ever. The 1990s were largely overshadowed by Ditka’s departure following a dismal 5–11 season in 1992 but was redeemed somewhat by winning another Super Bowl under Dick Jauron in 2006 – making it their 9th title overall which is tied for second most amongst all NFL teams behind only Pittsburgh Steelers with 6 Super Bowl victories .

Recent Years (2010-Present)
Recently however, things have not been so rosy for “da bears” as they have failed to make any serious noise beyond regular season success including three NFC North titles since 2010 but no playoff wins since then despite having some talented rosters featuring quarterback Mitchell Trubisky who was drafted second overall out of North Carolina 2017 – making him highest drafted quarterback franchise history . Under new head coach Matt Nagy , there is still optimism about what could come next year or two if team can find way stay competitive consistently . Ultimately though , regardless success or failure , Chicago Bears will remain one premier franchises league due long legacy sustained excellence over last 100 years .

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